RHA History

In the Beginning

  • Robin Kampmann, President of Ryle Hall, organized the first meeting of RHA on September 16, 1976. Director of Housing, Ron Gaber served as a mentor for RHA. With in the first five weeks a constitution had been written and approved and an Executive Board had been elected. RHA’s Candidate for Homecoming Queen, Brenda Whitebread, was voted Homecoming Queen. RHA also sponsored a Sweetheart Dance and Week of Activities and Competitions between the halls in the Spring of 1977.The RHA Week, themed “We Do It All For You”,  included activities such as Wacky Olympics, a program about abusive relationships, and administrators shadowing RHA Exec Board Members. A Disco Dance finished out the Week.
  • The ’78-’79 school year solidified RHA’s tradition of envolvement in Homecoming and sponsorship of week of fun activities and programming in the Spring. Events for RHA week included a hall decorating contest, Wacky Olympics, Mr. University Contest, and a Disco Dance/Awards Ceremony to cap out the week.
  • ’79-’80 proved to be a turning point for the Residence Hall Association as it received a charter from the University.

RHA in the 80’s

RHA’s involvement in regional and national activities increased throughout the 1980’s. Delegations were sent to a number of the MACURH and NACURH Conferences.At the MACURH ’81 Conference RHA was recognized for having the Best School Display. Truman’s RHA also recieved recognition for being an Outstanding Delegation at MACURH ’82.

RHA in the 90’s

RHA took on a new name and revamped the focus on leadership in the Residence Halls in the 1990’s. On October 28, 1992, College Halls Apartments Network of Leaders, CHANL, was chartered to better represent the on campus residents. CHANL’s first year was full of activities including a Diversity Week, Alcohol Awareness Week, and Trick or Treat event for local children. CHANL worked with Residence Living on  policies and proposals for Co-Ed and accessible housing. A Forum was held about on campus living.CHANL continued to be involved in MACURH and NACURH.

RHA Today

RHA has taken an active leadership role in the campus community. In the 2007-2008 school year RHA took on issues such as squatter’s rights for residents of first year communities. In 2009, RHA brought back blenders to the residence halls and apartments while working with hall councils.  In 2012 RHA and the National Residence Hall Honarary (Bess Truman Chapter) were combined into one organization.  As the organizations served similar missions, it just made sense.  RHA/NRHH have gained great momentum as a combined unit and are bring positive change to the residents.